This book is my attempt to open up for some and reexamine for others, the missing piece of the puzzle for the black woman in America.  Through the years, much knowledge has been lost and hidden away from us.  But, luckily for the black woman, it is still within her.  The thousands of years worth of genes we carry hold the key.  Everyone seems to know our worth except ourselves.


The fact that black women are magical is not talked about any more.  When I was being raised in the Southern small town, such things were taught and handed down as legacy to their daughters, but not now.  This book connects the dots on such matters.  No one else can discuss this information other than a black woman such as myself.  The power of this type knowledge will not be understand by everyone, but there are those who will read this book and “know”.  I have benefited greatly all my life from knowing theses things and we should share this knowledge and help with what is going on wrong in this Country and ourselves.


I am a Spiritualist and have always been.  I know that there is a Creator and He has control of this Universe.  He does, however, need people to do His will.  Black women have been here since the beginning and one was a wife of the beloved Moses, so we have the power and we need to start using it.  The kind of power of which I speak is real ancient knowledge, of which, is never spoken of today.  Let the conversation began today.  We as women are not powerless and we can control the elements we have.  It is from the Creator and all we have to do is activate it and He will do the rest.