About the Author

Melinda Merritt was born in a small “traditional” Southern town in 1950, but there is just a little twist to her story.  She was born into a prominent wealthy Black family who had everything and more, including the Sages who raised and trained her in the supernatural side of life.  There was a mother, father, six children and the three Sages who controlled every aspect of their lives. She was well educated in the traditional schools and other higher learning institutions but she had one more secret called the “element of surprise”.

As the daughter and granddaughter of Sages, she was taught the traditional ancient African ancestral knowledge, wisdom skills and also magic.  She spent her entire life studying this hidden ancestral worship by locating other Sages whom are invisible to the regular world.  Her family was very spiritual and believed totally in the Creator, it is just the manner the family chose to express their Spiritual belief which made her so “unique.” All the people she met throughout life knew there was something unusual and different about her, but what?  This book should clear up a lot of mysteries. This will be the first time she has ever spoken of this unique “gift”.